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Eric and Sara Miller are certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) and creators of Effortless Body Movement and Effortless Musician. Eric holds his B.M. in Music Composition from Berklee College of Music. He is an award winning composer and has 20+ years as a professional guitarist. Sara holds her B.F.A. in dance from The Ohio State University and is a former contemporary dancer with over 20 years professional experience in the movement arts.


Eric began studying the Alexander Technique to overcome arm pain. It was the only thing that helped, having also tried physical therapy, massage and acupuncture. After a few lessons, he began to notice that he was moving easier, thinking more clearly and writing better music. As lessons progressed, he realized that he was not only learning skills to help with pain, but also skills to develop himself more as a person and a musician. This led him to his decision to train as an Alexander Technique teacher.


Sara came to the technique as a dancer experiencing pain, injury and diminished performance from the long hours dedicated to this physically demanding art form.  She began supplementing her dance training with Alexander Technique lessons, and during the first year of lessons she grew to understand her body as she never had before.  As lessons continued she began to understand that the Alexander Technique could not only help with her dancing, but could help with virtually every aspect of her life. This led her to train as an Alexander Technique teacher.


It was at their teacher training course that Eric and Sara met and shared a deep bond through their dedication to the Alexander Technique. Eric and Sara taught the Alexander Technique as faculty of The University of Hartford's, Hartt School Community Division, offering the technique to their dancers and musicians. Eric and Sara also have taught a wide array of group classes through the town of West Hartford, Simsbury, Farmington and Wethersfield, as well as at Manchester Community College. They have been guest speakers at Central Connecticut State University, Saint Francis Care, UConn Health Center, Hartford Hospital, Menla Holistic Health, Sacred Rivers Yoga and Branford Hills Rehabilitation Center. Currently, Eric is also an adjunct professor at Tunxis Community College. Eric and Sara also maintain a private teaching practice in Farmington. When not teaching they are chasing after their energetic one year old daughter.


Eric and Sara’s experience and accomplishments equip them with the skills necessary to address musculoskeletal pain syndromes, injury and performance issues. They teach the principles of the Alexander Technique in a simple, clear manner, bringing to their teaching the highest level of care, openness and respect for their students. 

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Lessons with Sara gives me an even more relaxed feeling than a therapeutic massage and the benefits last because she has taught me how to let go of the stress.

I have found the Alexander Technique to be a physically and mentally

life-altering experience.  Thank you, Sara Miller!

 N - Business Owner



Eric is a warm and compassionate teacher.

After Alexander lessons I feel more balanced, lighter and at ease.

  L - Social Worker


Sara and Eric Miller

Certified Alexander Technique Teachers



Located in Farmington

Serving the Connecticut & Massachusetts Area


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